Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Tribute Portfolio Hotels



Client: Tribute Portfolio Hotels
Company: Lesli Ink
Creative Director: Lesli Ferguson
Designers: Liam Lawlor, David Kim

Since September of 2016, I've been one of the key designers behind the creative content for Tribute Portfolio Hotels' social and B2C advertising assets. Some of the major campaigns we've worked on is the very successful #Independentmoments campaign, as well as the digital advertising collateral from a series of new hotel openings. One of the major aspects of the feature campaign, the #Independentmoments, was creating a series of assets that spoke in Tribute brand language, while also displaying the unique and exciting adventures that exist around the hotels that Tribute has constructed.  


Part of the campaign we were creating centred around choosing imagery that evoked the importance of exploration within the Tribute brand. These images had to be powerful, give urgency for action, and most importantly, have some kind of mystery, as the idea was to get potential customers to go experience these moments for themselves. 

We decided we wanted to stay away from the cliche travel photography, which often showcases people walking in the environment, taking pictures or taking in tourist sights. Instead, we wanted to bring in the idea of one man or woman, going in alone and experiencing the hidden aspects of a location's culture. We saw these as a crucial aspect of the Tribute brand, and it's where their marketing often has made itself more unique in the past compared to other hotels such as Starwood, Westin or Marriott. 

The photography we collected was both sourced and part existing Tribute brand assets. Below, you can see a selection of proposed and chosen assets that were used for this Tribute campaign. 

We wanted to combine typography with this dramatic imagery to really tie the campaign together. By ensuring that we had a central figure or object in our photography, we'd use that as the eye of the traveler, with the type flowing around them. Script was an easy choice, as it's the style Tribute uses for other aspects of their brand, meaning we could tie the ideas of indie and unique in with the Tribute brand's new found visual identity. 


Our rollout of the campaign was massively effective in both the scope and the engagement it received. The campaign was rolled out through Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify and Facebook through various Tribute Portfolio channels, as well as ad purchases. Through Kargo, the ad-buying company, we were able to track some of the statistics regarding campaign performance. 

Through the series of platforms we released on, our #Independentmoments campaign received a total 4,246,489 impressions with a .96% clickthrough, compared to the average of .32% for this type of campaign. Overall, Tribute was satisfied with our campaign, and went on to use these assets as part of a wider social growth initiative in 2017.