Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Starwood Resorts Weekend Channel

SPG Weekends Channel


While working for Lesli Ink, I was asked to create a new direction for Sheraton Hotels and Westin Hotels' social blog posting and advertising of their hotels. The site the majority of this took place on was the SPG Weekends channel, an exclusive website for SPG members of the Starwood family of resorts. The new direction was more of an illustrated route, where the goal was to provide unique illustrations related to the articles written for the hotel features. The illustrations would be used as banners and to promote the channel on social media in the United States.


The Weekends channel is one of the primary forms of social communication between Starwood and it's premium points members. As a result, articles had to grab potential guests attention quickly, and interest them in traveling to unique cities on specialized weekend getaways. The illustrations I was doing had to be on brand, representing Westin's lifestyle and active touchpoints, and for Sheraton, they had to be more classy and refined. The final products are ultimately an illustrated reflection of the hotels themselves, and the cities they're inspired by. SPG Weekends is cross platform, so illustrations and content creation was done with mobile and desktop in mind.