Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Skull and Bones Whiskey

Skull & Bones Whiskey

RGD Student Awards - Packaging Design - Runner Up

Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Packaging - Semifinalist

Advertising and Design Club of Canada - Merit Award, Student Competition

The idea for this project was to create a branded premium whiskey that reflected the secretive nature of the Skull & Bones society. The objective was to immerse the user in activities that both go with drinking, but could possibly take place within the confines of the society’s meetings. Creating a set of items that included cards, a seal with wax and four coasters was designed to accommodate a party of four (often a number required to play poker, and to reflect what would be considered a gathering in the society). Overall my goal was to replicate the feel of being inducted into a secret society, while still creating a kit centralized around whiskey. It is made to be a premium, sophisticated brand for the dedicated whiskey connoisseur, demonstrating its luxury through the limited colour pallet of gold, black and white. 


Skull & Bones is a premium icon, recognized as a benchmark for all other deluxe Whiskeys. This premium American blend is aged for 55 years from the waters of Connecticut, and has an oaky, smooth and complexly smoky character. This whiskey is best served on special occasions, whether you’re holding a meeting with friends, or enjoying our smooth blend while on a memorable night out, Skull & Bones stands clear above the rest. 

The year was 1832, William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft had disputed the Phi Beta Kappa awards at Yale with two other rivalling societies.The Skull & Bones was born, a powerful secret society part of Yale’s storied history, and the birthmark of our special blend. Each year, the society taps 15 new members, men and women, to take up their oath and join them in the tomb, their secret meeting place. There they share our special blend, and talk of secrets generations old. This whiskey is for those secrets, the ones that can change the world. Keep it in the shadows, keep it safe, and keep it under lock and key. 

Skull & Bones is recommended being served neat, or over ice. The flavour speaks for itself, a strong and unique blend bringing tradition and style to any occasion. With this kit, enjoy a game of cards while you toast the night away to the thoughts of a storied society. 


The kit has a companion app, teaching you various drink mixes, as well as card games to play while you enjoy your whiskey.