Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Deutsch Kino Typeface

Deutsch Kino

A blackletter revival with a modern style


Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016 – Semifinalist


Deutsch Kino derives it’s style from two distinct eras. For one, it gets it’s simple strokes, the angular motion it’s created through, from blackletter. For it’s curvature and sleek style, it looks to the Weimar Republic era in Germany’s history. An amalgamation of two unique eras in the history of Germany and it’s kingdoms, the typeface is a modern revival of blackletter style, but with 20th century German twists. 

I’ve always had a soft spot for blackletter. It presents a line between illuminated scripts that monks spent hours carefully and painstakingly brushing into bibles, and the mass produced world that Gutenberg brought about with his mechanical type. Blackletter is legible, it’s an easy type to read, but it does have it’s built in nuances. With that in mind, I set off to through my reinterpretation, fix these nuances, but also to modernize the letter forms. A capital “A” should be legible to a current reader, but still posses the forms brought about during the 12th century. My goal was to capture the feeling of a Germanic style while still not taking away from what could be a dynamic style statement. To represent the past, while building for the present.


Below are some spread selections from the final specimen book.

Thank you to Giuliana Bandiera for being a wonderful hand model.