Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Cast of Characters 2016


Every letter a story...

Each year, Lesli Ink creates unique cards for our clients to make their holidays a little more special. For our cards this year, we were enchanted by old manuscripts and gilded lettering, and this inspiration has translated into our cards. Our team has always loved the look and feel of etched wood, so we settled on the idea of individual laser cut cards adorned with our custom letters.

We begin the process by sitting down as a team and dividing up the alphabet. We pick letters out of a hat to ensure that everyone has a hand in the project. Our next step is to get out of the office and take a research field trip to gather inspiration for our cards. This year we went to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and stumbled upon a treasure trove of rare manuscripts and classical lettering that inspired this year’s theme. Everyone on our team designs their letters independently, and then we work together to unify them as an alphabet.

Creative Director: Lesli Ferguson
Designers: Danny Wu, David Kim, Marissa Korda, Liam Lawlor
Made For: Lesli Ink


Your name is your adventure...

One important aspect of our holiday promotion is creating a website to accompany our cards. Inspired by old manuscripts we’d seen on our research field trip, we wanted to create a site that showcased all of our letters, and told a story based around typography. We wanted to make sure that the story we told was unique to each visitor. When the site loads, users enter their name and are then taken on a personalized quest generated from the letters in their name. You can experience the site yourself at